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High conversion efficiency polycrystalline silicon solar cell 

High reliability with guaranteed -0%~+5% power output tolerance ensuring return on investment

Whihstands high wind-pressure and snow load, and extreme temperature variations

Quality and safety:

25-year transferable power output warrant: 5 year/95%, 10 year/90%, 18 year/85%, 25 year/80%

Rigorous quality control meeting the highest standards: CE, FCC

Recommended applications:

Solar power systems

Solar light

Solar yacht

Solar car



Model :EYA100-18SP

Name :100W flexible solar panel

EYA100-18P series solar panel is manufacture via adopt USA high efficiency solar cell, high transmission rate and reliability of insulation, water resistance, aging resistance of PET, antiaging EVA and anodized aluminum plate to laminate. Products have high efficiency, flexible,long life,easy installation,high wind and hail impact resistance,etc. advantages. easy installation, strong corrosion resistance properties.Widely used in home roof systems, photovoltaic power station, communication/communication base stations, oil, ocean, meteorology, highway transportation, military, solar building, etc.
Cell type: 125 x125 USA high efficiency solar cell
The number of cells: 32
Peak power: 100W
The power of tolerance: -0/+5%
Peak voltage: 18V
Peak current: 5.55A
The open circuit voltage: 22V
Short circuit current: 6.1A
Working temperature: - 20 ℃ to 85 ℃
The biggest system voltage: 1000V
The highest grade series fuse: 8A
Product size: 1050*540*3 mm
Product weight: 3.3 kg
Junction box waterproof level: IP65 rating
Packing configuration: 4 PCS/box, packing size: 1070*560*60 mm
Product ceTest condition: radial depending on the amount of 1000 w/M2, working temperature 25 ℃, atmospheric quality: 1.5 g

rtification: CE, FCC, ROHS

Resistances :227gstell ball fall down from1mheight and60m/s wind

Power guarantee: this company produces the solar battery components warranty 10 years less than or equal to 10% of power attenuation, power attenuation less than or equal to 20% of 25 years