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High conversionefficiency polycrystalline silicon solar cell 

Product thickness thin, light weight, surface gloss

High reliability withguaranteed -0%~+5% power output tolerance ensuring return on investment
Whihstands high wind-pressure and snow load, andextreme temperature variations
Quality andsafety: Power is not less than 80% in 2 years
Rigorous quality controlmeeting the highest standards: CE, FCC



Model :EYP2-7.5M

Name :2W PET laminated solar panel

The EYP2-7.5M series modules consists of 15pcs 156x156mm moocrystalline silicon solar cell with antiaging EVA and PET to laminate. Products have high efficiency,easy installation,lightweight,etc. advantages.

Encapsulation:  PET/EVA/Cells/EVA/PCB

Number of cells:15=1x 15pcs

Maximum power(Pm): 2W

Tolerance: ±5%

Voltage at max power(Vmp): 7.5V

Current at max power(Imp): 0.27A

Open circuit voltage(Voc): 9V

Short circuit current(Isc): 0.32A

Dimensions: 240 x 52mm

Operate temperature scope: -20/+65℃

Relative humidity: 0 to 100%

Warranty: Pm is not less than 80% in 2years.

Test conditions: @STC 1000W/㎡, AM1.5. 25℃

Product Standards: Module certified with CE、FCC、ROHS