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Lightload type, folding, portable design

Cloth bag: 600D

Bag color: camouflage color, black, or according to customerrequirements

Solar panel type: UAS high efficiency solar cell

Charging voltage : 18V output

we can do different plug according to customer

Specification download:




Model :EYB150-18SP

Name :150W portable solar charger bag

USA High conversion efficiency solar cell

The cell conversion efficiency: more than 22.6%

Open size :1740*540mm

Folding size :290*540mm

Net weight :3.74 KGS

Each Solar panel size :400*410mm, 

Folding number :6 fold

Connection mode: series connection

Total power :150W,18v

This product by CE, FCC, ROHS certification, etc

Test standard: radial depending on the amount of 1000 w/M2, working temperature 25 ℃, atmospheric quality: 1.5 g

Power guarantee: this company produces the solar battery components warranty 10 years less than or equal to 10% of power attenuation, power attenuation less than or equal to 20% of 25 years

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