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Product features:
1, with high conversion efficiency SunPower solar panel power supply
2, the product color can be in accordance with the requirements
3, the product has the environmental protection, fashion, style, atmosphere, accord with modern trends
4, product design has a 5 v output voltage lines, can be directly to recharge the power products
5, suitable for business travel, short out, hiking, camping sleeping, no electricity area such as emergency charging
6, this product by CE, FCC, ROHS certification, etc
Detailed description:
Solar backpack belongs to low carbon, energy saving, green and environmental protection product, suitable for outdoor sports, is the sea travel, earthquake, flood, ice and snow, remote areas such as power failure good helper.The solar energy efficient charge package appearance beautiful, bags fabrics using nylon material production, is a both fashionable and sturdy and practical high-grade solar products;The other is equipped with a high capacity mobile power supply may at any time anywhere the power supply all kinds of mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3, ipod, MP4, navigation, vehicle traveling data recorder, such as charging, the solar panels can be removed, to be used alone, out by can be used as gifts to friends, family, or the customer.



Model :EYB611-6.5SP

Name :6.5W solar backpack

Backpack material:

Material: 100% nylon material

Pack size: 47 cm * 33 cm * 10 cm

Backpack color: blue, red (color can be customized according to customer requirements)

Solar panel specifications

Solar cell type :USA high efficiency solar cells

Solar panel parameters: 6.5 W / 6 v

Solar panel size: 145 * 295 mm

The number of solar panels: 1 PCS

Product accessories details:

Solar backpack: 1 pcs

Mobile power supply: 1 pcs (charge)

USB accessories: 1 set

Packing materials:

10 / box

G.W: 10.5 KG

Carton size: 52 * 42 * 30 cm