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Portable design

Easy to set up and maintenance

Plug and play operation

Initiative safety protection circuitry

Charge status and battery level indicator

Solar panel / AC to DC adapter / vehicle power multiple charging modes

Micro computer management, low consumption/high efficiency

Long stand-by time

Battery and solar panel can be expansion

Complete application accessory / candirectly use the vehicle power

Provide main controller internal batteries type changes design, Such as: lithium battery, GEL, … etc.



Model :WS-1007

Name :Portable solar power system


Solar panel: 18V/10W

Battery: 12V/7.5A

Controller: 12V/5A

Solar charging time: 8-10H

Ac charge time: 7H

Light time: 28H (Slow shop)

Out put: 12V & 5V

Accessory: 3W LED*2 ,3M cable,usb charger,FM radio,MP3 palyer

CTN Size: 56.6*38.5*27.2cm *5pcs

Weight: 23 KGS