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Portable design, easy to carry and place
The operating interface is a key to complete, easy maintenance
Support plug drawing operation, active safety protection circuit
With a battery charging status and power instructions
With solar panels, mains charging adapter, car charger adapter Shared charging mode
Energy saving save electricity design, low energy, high efficiency, super long standby time
Support the battery and solar panels in parallel
Suitable for outdoor lighting, outdoor travel, night fishing, night repair, power shortage areas of household lighting, etc
This product by CE, FCC certification, etc



Model :EYS-D63L2

Name :Portable solar power system

Product parameters:

1, solar panels: 9 v 3 w polycrystalline silicon solar panels, plastic box, portable belt 3 meter (about 9 hours under strong sun light can be filled with different latitude, cities and regions is different, the solar panels should be placed in the open area) without sunscreen,

2, batteries, rechargeable maintenance-free lead-acid battery 6 v / 4.5 AH, solar charger or 110-200 v mains can be filled

3, LED lights: 2 pcs high brightness 1w led

4, illumination time: 90 hours charged 1 LED lights lighting, three LED lights work 30 hours at the same time, weak lights off when the battery is insufficient, please timely to solar charging system, avoid excessive discharge affect the service life of the battery

5, equipped with mobile phone charge function: annex 1 line 3 head for mobile phones, MP3, MP4, digital camera can charging electronic products

6, a full range of product weight: 1.9 KG

Detailed description:

Please finish power usage for the first time in the battery recharged again, charging until all three lights on said charging is complete

Battery capacity of the three indicators:

When a third indicator, battery capacity: 67-100%

When the second indicator, battery capacity: 33-67%

When the first indicator, battery capacity: 10-33%

When the first light flash, battery capacity < 10%, please recharge system.

When three indicator lights flash at the same time, said the battery has no electricity, the system output automatically cut off, stop to provide lighting and cell phone charging, charging system immediately, please

To provide lighting:

1, the light bulb socket cable insert tags.System control switch "on" and "off" light bulb.

2, ensure the solar panels on the light, the sun is the most widespread shine, and irradiation time longest

3, panel cable socket after insert tags, corresponding potential lights flashing, when three indicator lights on, which means that the charging is complete

4,Solar panels to avoid is covered by the shadow

5, on a regular basis, use wet cloth to wipe surface to avoid dust or stain resistance of sunshine.

6, system avoid dry place place, to ensure that a cool as far as possible, so that we can improve the charging efficiency

7, high light bulbs with more than 100 lm system distribution, the equivalent of 25 w incandescent lamp brightness

8, warning: bulb is super bright LED lights, please avoid charging in the lighting system

Charging the mobile phone accessories:

Equipped with a variety of mobile phone plug, can satisfy different charging the mobile phone.

Battery maintenance and use of skills:

1. Please don't let the battery discharge

2. Please charge once every three months, even if you don't use it.

3. Replace the battery, can only use 6v lead-acid battery, and under the guidance of professional work.