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SunPower cells are the #1 choice for you due to the SunPower cell is built on thick and strong copper wire, as a result it can be resistant to power loss via cracking and corrosion. it makes installating work easier.

SunPower Panels

Produce 55% more energy than conventional cells in the first year of operation.

Uses copper backing, helping to add strength and resist corrosion.

Thick, robust connectors flex with unpredictable temperature changes.

Conventional Panels

Metal paste connections block light and corrode over time.

Metal paste is fragile and cracks easily.

Any connection breakage renders the cell useless.

*The SunPower solar cell has excellent weak light performance even under low light environments (mornings, evenings, rainy and cloudy days)

In addition, one of the most important things is the cell regarding Traceability of their own polysilicon material for IBC Cells (Hemlock / Whacker), the letter saying none of their suppliers or suppliers' suppliers for IBC cells are from XinJiang.*

We not only have a sound quality policy, but also have a deeper mission. *At EyongPV, you will get a higher standard of products and services!

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