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Patented Solar Torch Lamp Flashlight Used Mono Solar

  • Unique Shape Design: The shape is based on owl to design, and the size is designed according to the most comfortable feeling in the hand, this appearance design has won the appearance design patent.
  • Concealed Stent Design: The product has a built-in stent design, which can be fully integrated into the product after closing. The stent can be adjusted angle of more than 300 degrees. In addition, the stent has a bottle placement design function, which can be placed on any bottle.
  • Easy To Charge: This solar light uses only solar charge principle, does not need other way to charge, it`s precisely designed.
  • Additional Design: This solar light is equipped with a hook line, which can be used for chandeliers. In addition, this product has the lighting mode of multiple stalls, and also designed the SOS function.
  • Widely Application: It`s used for a wide range of purposes, such as camping, barbecue, eating, reading, fishing, help, car repair, parties, including natural disasters caused by power outage situations need to use it.
  • Customizable Color: We can accept to customize any colors, including packing instruction.
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