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60W 3Folds Sunpower Mono Foldable Folding Portable ETFE Solar Panel Charger Kit

  • Powerful power output : SunPower cells are the #1 choice for customers due to the combination of high efficiency and ruggedness.
  • Unique cell structure: SunPower cell is built on thick and strong copper wire, As a result it can be resistant to power loss via cracking and corrosion.
  • Portable & Charging: Portable or foldable design save space even be better to put and easier to carry anywhere. Built-in bracket design is better for charging anytime, anywhere.
  • Reinforcement design: EyongPV unique manufacturing process combines polymer materials to make solar panels thin and hard.
  • Super waterproof: Cloth and zip are used waterproofing materials.
  • Longer service life: The PET film has excellent light transmittance and weather resistance, as well as heat, corrosion and UV resistance. Longer service life is for higher cost performance.
  • Widely applications: It can supply power to Mobile phone, Vehicle power supply, Refrigerator, Portable energy storage power supply , Oil exploration equipment and Marine etc.
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